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Annie Decamp Art

Class: Exploring Traditions with New Media - March, 2022

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Exploring Traditions with New Media

A Class in Collage and Painting


Join Michael Dowling and Annie Decamp for four evenings in March and dive into an exploration of traditional painting and mixed media.  This includes collage as an artform or used as a tool for painting inspiration, charcoal drawing and encaustic. Students will begin with collage exploration and have an opportunity to review their work with Michael and Annie before moving into various ways to bring their collage inspiration to a final work of art.

This class is advised for ages 18 and up.

Four Wednesdays in March

March 9th, 6-9

March 16th, 6-9

March 23rd, 6-9

March 30th, 6-9


Michael Dowling is a Denver-based artist and has taught traditional painting and drawing for over a decade, including at the Art Student’s League Denver where he regularly teaches a Drawing as Art Practice course. Michael’s work has been characterized as a combination of traditional practices in realism and his explorations of mark, pattern, and color to disrupt that reality. In many compositions, figures presented as portrait, morph into their surreal self, and lone objects tell stories through their subtle positioning. These objects and characters sit in bizarre spaces with intentionally disrupted atmospheres in order to find further meaning within the imagery.

Annie Decamp is also Denver-based and began mixed media painting and digital art after a 15-year career as a jewelry designer.  She has taught courses in mixed media and has drawn particular attention from artists looking to learn the art of encaustic painting. Annie’s work is an odd and successful combination of digitally manipulated found imagery, traditional oil painting and encaustic. The mix of the approaches allows her to be very adventurous in exploring images as stories and allows for abstracted moments to become part of the conversation within the work.