Learn about Yard Art Contemporary



Yard Art is a contemporary art event conceived by Annie Decamp and Michael Dowling who have been studio partners for four years. With the cancellation of most art events during the pandemic year of 2020, Decamp and Dowling initiated a neighborhood-based platform for some of Denver’s notable artists to show and sell their work.  Yard Art and Yard Art vol. 2 both took place in the fall of 2020 at Decamp’s home in the Country Club neighborhood of Denver with rave reviews by attendees and press alike.  While this is a formal show with art tents, it has a light and informal feel that let’s people step back in time.  Most attendees have enjoyed the opportunity to meet artists and make new acquaintances and friendships.  Artists have benefited by direct sales and follow up studio visits and commissions by patrons.  Each artist sets up their own space/tent to show their work with their unique style and brand. Wine and champagne is served in real glasses as patrons flow through the yard, much like walking through Monet’s garden.

Now entering Yard Art Contemporary’s third year, our venues are expanding.  Several patrons who simply walked into a Yard Art have stepped forward to host an event.  The 2022 season looks bright with events happening in the Country Club, Congress Park, Cheeseman Park, Hill Top, Cherry Hills and a special invitation event at the Clayton Club and Hotel in Cherry Creek.