Yard Art Contemporary

Yard Art is a contemporary art event conceived by friend and studio mate Michael Dowling and myself in 2020.  With the cancellation of most art events during that pandemic, we initiated a neighborhood-based platform for some of Denver’s notable artists to show and sell their work.  Yard Art Contemporary first took place in the fall of 2020 at my home in the Country Club neighborhood of Denver with rave reviews by attendees and press alike.  While this is a formal show with art tents, it has a light and informal feel that allows people step back in time.  Most attendees have enjoyed the opportunity to meet artists and make new acquaintances and friendships.  Artists have benefited by direct sales and follow up studio visits and commissions by patrons.  Each artist sets up their own space/tent to show their work with their unique style and brand. Wine and champagne is served in real glasses as patrons flow through the yard, much like walking through Monet’s garden.

Now entering Yard Art Contemporary’s third year, our venues are expanding.  Several patrons who simply walked into a Yard Art have stepped forward to host an event.  The 2022 season looks bright with events happening in the Country Club, Congress Park, Cheeseman Park, Park Hill, Cherry Hills and Boulder areas.

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TrueWest Contemporary

TrueWest Contemporary at Red Brick Center for the Arts, Aspen, CO 2022.

About TrueWest:

TrueWest is a continuing look at the west, it’s location and culture through the eyes of the contemporary artist. Now in its third year the core theme continues, asking each invited artist to consider their perception of the west as a place or an idea, or an experience such as a westward migration or historical connection. Many of the artists were invited because of their direct relationship with the west.  Other artists were invited because their work was made without the West directly in mind, but the symbols and ideas put forth encounter the west in some way.

The intent of this show is to give clear indication that the art is the star here, not the curator and really not even the artist. The only parameter we ask of the artists and galleries is to consider our place in the west and its history even if very abstractly in creating or selecting work for the show.

The annual show was conceived by Michael Dowling in 2018, constructed around the well-received Coors Art Pavilion, and the National Western Stock Show art events. Dowling’s impulse was to highlight more Colorado voices not appropriate or considered for the Denver-based Stock Show event.

TrueWest Contemporary 2022 will show as two events.  The first event will run mid-January to the end of February, and the second event will take place at the Red Brick Gallery in Aspen in July, 2022 – a busy season for the art scene in the Roaring Fork Valley. Based on the success of Dowling and Decamp’s 2021 show at the Red Brick, they were asked to put forth a platform for a show in 2022 that would bring Denver-based artists together with artists from the Roaring Fork Valley. While Michael spearheaded curation of the Denver-based show, Annie will spearhead curation for the Aspen event.